5 Reasons Why Liverpool Should Sell Coutinho

It’s one of the longest running and high profile transfer rumours of the summer that’s yet to reach a conclusion.

Barcelona have already made 3 offers for Liverpool attacking midfielder Philippe Coutinho this summer but Liverpool have so far stood firm on their decision that they will not sell Coutinho.

With rumours of a 4th offer in the region of £130m due to be submitted to Liverpool in the next couple of days I believe Liverpool should accept this next offer and offload Coutinho.

Here are 5 reasons why I think Coutinho should be let go:

  1. He wants to leave – We’ve seen it countless times in the past where players make their minds up about leaving a club and from that point on their performances are never at the same level. Coutinho has had his head turned and it now seems likely that any move to force the player to stay at the club could cause more problems that it solves as having that toxic attitude around the dressing room will not help Liverpool in their quest for silverware this season.
  2. Sadio Mane – I doubt you will find any football fan that believes Coutinho is a better player than Sadio Mane for Liverpool right now. His form so far this season shows that he is able to carry the mantle should Coutinho leave the club.
  3. Liverpool don’t need him – Liverpool have looked very impressive going forward this season without Coutinho even featuring in the squad due to his “Injury”. Firmino, Mane, Salah and Solanke appear to have the front-line covered and the money raised from the sale of Coutinho could be put to better use by investing in the teams defence which will be the most likely reason for Liverpool missing out on silverware this season.
  4. You will never get this offer again – This summer transfer fees are at an all-time high and given the situation Barcelona are in financially they can afford the £130 this summer but going forward you are going to have fewer clubs that are able to offer this amount of money for a player so it is unlikely that Coutinho will ever demand this value again in the future.
  5. They could sign Griezmann – The French striker has a release clause around £88m which would allow them to add the extra attacking option to their squad and still leave £40m+ to land a world-class defender.

These are my five reasons for why Liverpool should sell Coutinho to Barcelona this week..

What are your thoughts about Coutinho’s future at Liverpool? Do you agree with my thoughts?

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